Alexej Behnisch

🔍 About my name

This is a personal website, collecting some of my private stuff:

On I am sharing data and thoughts on Arsenal, football, and current affairs.

On I am writing an e-book about the game. This essay collection explores deeper questions about soccer in a long read format.

📖 The first chapter, “The Great Reduction” (written in April 2020), looks at how the coronavirus pandemic might reduce the number of professional clubs.

📖 The second text, “Do Tactics Matter?” (last updated August 2020), asks a strangely neglected question about the causal impact of tactics in football.

📖 The third piece, “Rank and Subjectivity” (full text coming soon), is data-driven, analysing Arsenal’s league rank history.

Cover image of the book Rethinking Football, an essay collection by Alexej Behnisch, 2020


🇬🇧 Many years ago I wrote about British euroscepticism (), which needs an update due to .

🇩🇪 Manchmal schreibe ich auch auf Deutsch, wie diese Portraits über Anthony Giddens () und Arsène Wenger ().

🇵🇹 Em português, escrevi sobre urbanismo e o problema dos carros em Faro ().