Alexej Behnisch

Calendar is my to-do list

‘Which productivity apps (plural!) do you use?’

‘I don’t know. What do you mean?’

‘Like, what’s your to-do list app?’



I have been in a variation of this conversation several times.

Some can’t fathom how to work without shiny productivity apps.

And I wouldn’t know what more you need than a calendar.

If a task has a deadline, it goes into my calendar.

If it doesn’t have a date yet, you create one.

If you can’t determine a time, the task is not specific enough — break it down.

Many confuse tasks with plans or wishes.

Tasks are actions.

Plans are ideas.

(And wishes are for the Christmas list.)

Tasks are concrete acts that happen over time.

And they work better with a definite endpoint.

Plans are maps of ideas, at best with causal steps.

‘First do A, then focus on B, to reach C, with aim D.’

Tasks go into a calendar. Plans are best captured in a memo.

Nobody really needs a standalone to-do app.