Alexej Behnisch

🔍 About my name

This is a personal website, collecting some of my private stuff.

On I am sharing data and thoughts on Arsenal, football, and current affairs.

I was born in Germany, studied international politics and history in Britain, spent time in many countries, and today live in Faro, Portugal, with my wife, who was born in Cabo Verde.

History & Politics

📖 “Rediscovering Amílcar Cabral”, in progress, combines a book review with my personal story.


On I am writing an e-book about the game. This essay collection explores deeper questions about soccer in a long read format.

📖 “The Great Reduction”, written in April 2020, looks at how the coronavirus pandemic might reduce the number of professional clubs.

📖 “Do Tactics Matter?”, last updated August 2020, asks a strangely neglected question about the causal impact of tactics in football.

📖 “Rank Feeling”, last updated June 2021, analyses Arsenal’s league rank history from a different angle.

Cover image of the book Rethinking Football, an essay collection by Alexej Behnisch, 2020


🇬🇧 Many years ago I wrote about British euroscepticism (), which needs an update due to .

🇩🇪 Manchmal schreibe ich auch auf Deutsch, wie diese Portraits über Anthony Giddens () und Arsène Wenger ().

🇵🇹 Em português, escrevi sobre urbanismo e o problema dos carros em Faro ().