Alexej Behnisch

🔍 About my name

I was born in 🇩🇪 Germany, studied 🎓 international politics and history in 🇬🇧 Britain, spent time in 🌎 many countries, and today live in 🇵🇹 Faro, Portugal, with 👰🏽 my wife, who was born in 🇨🇻 Cabo Verde.

On 🐦 I talk about 🔴 Arsenal, ⚽️ football, and 📰 current affairs.

On 👨🏼‍💻 this website I collect a few personal items:

📖 Rediscovering Amílcar Cabral

🏷 A book review combined with my personal story

📖 Germany’s slow trains

🏷 A comparison of Berlin-Köln to Madrid-Barcelona

📖 A população do Algarve

🏷 A language exercise with interesting charts

🔜 In the future, I want to ✍️ write more about 🏙 urbanism and 🚄 transit in 🇵🇹 Faro and the Algarve.

🔗 External Link: 🇵🇹 Em português, .


On I am writing an e-book about the game. 🚧 This is under construction.

📖 “The Great Reduction”, written during the first lockdown, speculates how the coronavirus pandemic might reduce the number of professional clubs.

📖 “Do Tactics Matter?”, last updated August 2020, asks a strangely neglected question about the causal impact of tactics in football.

📖 “Rank Feeling”, last updated June 2021, analyses Arsenal’s league rank history from a different angle.

📖 “Super clubs don’t understand football”, last updated October 2021, a draft version with my reaction to the Super League plans.

Small items:

📖 How to read the league table, an older piece about, well, how to read the league table.

📖 All Bundesliga Champions since 2000, a nerdy but fair adjustment of the league table, which I might develop into an article later.

🔗 External Link: 🇩🇪 Auf Deutsch 😢 .